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The Big Thame Bake – Victoria Sponge Recipe

Calling all Great British Bake Off fans! Now’s your chance to bake for charity and have your cake tasted and judges by some of the biggest names in the business. The second Big Thame Bake is happening in Thame, Oxfordshire, on the 24th September 2016 and WE WANT YOU TO ENTER. As a total cake-head, I’m finding this […]

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Cookery book club, Oxford

Last Sunday I was lucky to share recipes from What to Bake & How to Bake It with the good folk of Oxford. One of my food heroines, Sophie Grigson, runs a brilliant pop-up cookery school that moves around the city. We were based at The Story Museum, running a Cookbook Club session from 6-8.30pm. During the class we made Fudgy Cheesecake […]

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Victoria Sponge

Beat it… how to give your cakes a head start

Loads of cake recipes open with ‘cream the butter and sugar together’, or ‘beat the butter and sugar together until creamy’. For cookies you can normally get away with simply beating together. But cakes? They can be a little more demanding. New bakers can sometimes struggle with getting cakes to rise, and under-beating at the beginning can be one […]

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Pudsey bear cupcake decoration

I remember doing a sponsored ice skate for Children in Need when I was about 9 years old. I think we raised £30 – but in 1987 that wasn’t too bad… And its with my charitable hat on that I came up with this super-cute and easy way to decorate Pudsey cupcakes.   You’ll find […]

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Make a gingerbread haunted house

It’s been torture keeping this recipe under wraps! It was written for my friends at bbcgoodfood.com and then photographed with the lovely Will Heap back in the summer. The decoration can be as daring as you like; but you can’t beat a wonky roof and an eerily dark open doorway to add a little freakery to your halloween […]

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Condensed milk… or is it?

Hey everyone, A few blogs and magazines have been running my recipes over the last few weeks (thanks to wednesdaychef.com, splendidtable.org and others) and I’ve noticed some lively discussion about condensed milk in the comment boxes below. I wanted to clear a few things up for you, as I hate to think of anyone having difficulty with […]

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A sweet little trip

We’re just back from Venice – the city of gondolas, canals, seafood… doughnuts. Doughnuts?? My Mr has a bit of a thing for doughnuts, a deeply-rooted childhood thing I think, which sometimes results in us hunting around town to find him a fix. I was feeling the same about an Aperol by the waterside… Normally […]

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Piped Roses

Wedding Cakes

So today I’m making a wedding cake, and I’m up against the clock as usual… But I’m not in a flap (much) as I’m using the recipe I wrote for BBC Good Food this June, which is a dirty dark and white chocolate ripple, flavoured with Irish Cream (Baileys). (The recipe isn’t online yet, so […]

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Back to (culinary) school?

This time of year always makes me have butterflies and a sense of excitement about the new year starting. The academic year that is. Why? Because it was this time in 2002 I began my Diploma at Leiths School of Food and Wine. The excitement of it all was overwhelming. I was a) leaving a dullsville job that […]

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Lemon tart

When life gives you lemons (literally)…

Being a recipe writer for a living often leaves the fridge a little overloaded – and today I have 9 egg yolks at my fingertips, and a lot of citrus fruit. It would been criminal not to make a batch of lemon curd or, better still, make lemon curd to fill a gorgeous Tart au […]

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Ta-dah! Today marks a proud new moment: I’ve just received my preview copy of What to Bake & How to Bake It and it looks fantastic; better than I could have imagined. You can pre-order a copy here, ready for the launch in September. I’ve written hundreds of recipes for magazines and books, but nothing […]

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