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“A Gen Y Nigella Lawson.”  Glamour

Seems there’s lots of love out there for What to Bake & How to Bake It. I’m one happy lady.

“For those looking for expert instruction on making cakes, bread, pies and more, Hornby provides an ideal place to start.” – Publishers Weekly

“Novice bakers, rejoice! This photo-packed guide to home baking showcases easy treats that still manage to impress…Though the recipes are sleek, there are plenty of how’s and why’s in the front of the book. Dip in and out of the clear, helpful advice at will, and you’ll be reassured by her guidance rather than overwhelmed by it…Experienced bakers will find enough creativity to add another notch to their belts, and beginning bakers will get to brag that they actually made that” – Epicurious

“…a gorgeous, graphic tome of breakfast, snack, and dessert recipes accompanied by clear overhead photographs of each step that are as structured and precise as if they were styled by a 50’s-era Swiss designer. With equally illuminating written instructions and tips on technique, the recipes—50 of them, ranging from malted milk chocolate birthday cake to maple-pecan cinnamon rolls—are a joy to follow. Whether you’re wondering exactly what degree of stiffness your egg whites need to reach or you just enjoy gazing upon images of carefully organized kitchen implements, it’s a book to return to again and again.” – Saveur, Books Worth Buying

“Fifty recipes for the amateur baker (read: an ideal book for you and the children)…[with] beautiful illustrations throughout.” – Real Simple, 8 New Cookbooks for Fall

“The perfect beginner baking book.” – The Dish, Food Network

“All celebrated British cookbook author, Jane Hornby, wants to do is teach people how to make a jelly roll and other simple, timeless desserts. In her sweets-focused cookbook, she breaks down 50 basic recipes into 500 step-by-step photographs, clearly illustrating the whole baking process to the delight of novice bakers and aesthetes alike.” – Tasting Table

“[Hornby’s] easy, conversational tone and detailed explanations make me feel like I’m in the kitchen with a very, very helpful bestie.” – Cookbooks365


 The Daily Telegraph, Book of the Week

‘Jane Hornby’s novice-friendly What to Cook & How to Cook It was a game-changer for the penniless, starving student; now she is working a similar magic on Bake Off-inspired non-bakers. ‘


The Guardian, Cookworm, Book of the Week

Hornby sets out to “take the guesswork out of baking”, and with clarity and concision, that’s exactly what she does. … covers all bases with a definitive collection of recipes … impeccable step-by-step methods, leaping off the page in both textual and photographic form. Graphic precision and simplicity … the overall effect is one of calm in the kitchen. … This weighty hardback is definitely a looker. … Just the ticket for any kitchen-novice teen heading to uni – and life without mum – for the first time: you’ll be equipping them with essential skills for feeding themselves and making firm friends.’, Best Baking Books This Autumn

‘Love Bake Off, but can’t bake? This book is for you.’

Prima magazine

‘brilliant .. well presented with clear step-by-step pictures for every recipe.’

 The Baking Explorer blog

I’d be really pleased to receive it as a gift…[What to Bake & How to Bake It] is almost like an instruction manual and it makes you feel at ease when following the recipes.

Eat In magazine,  “Top Book”

‘foolproof … demystifies the world of baking.’

Supergolden Bakes blog

“This is a baking book that I can grow with. Her easy, conversational tone and detailed explanations make me feel like I’m in the kitchen with a very, very helpful bestie. In my dreams, I’ll bake just like Jane Hornby.”

Super Chef blog

“A step-by-step book for intelligent home cooks…If your kids (or their teacher) are clamoring for cake, cupcakes, or cookies – this is the book to use yourself – or let those kids try their hand. Jane Hornby is a good teacher and chances are your kids will turn out edible and very likely yummy treats.”

 Casa Costello

This book has a completely different feel to other baking books – both in its content and the actual texture of the book. I was intrigued as soon as I opened my copy…thestep-by-step photos are what stick in your mind when you have been reading it. Very uncluttered and perfect for those bakers who are never quite sure what texture a substance should be.

Ever So Sweet blog

…delightful.  Even before I had delved in to its pages the eye-catching illustrated front cover held great promise.  The inside didn’t disappoint either.  This really is a ‘how-to’ of baking.  The book has a blog feel to it as all of the ingredients and steps to each recipe are photographed meticulously.  Each recipe is delivered in the same simplistic format, which would be very easy for the novice baker to follow.

The Wednesday Chef 

Frankie magazine

A Spoonful of Sugar