The Big Thame Bake – Victoria Sponge Recipe

Calling all Great British Bake Off fans! Now’s your chance to bake for charity and have your cake tasted and judges by some of the biggest names in the business. The second Big Thame Bake is happening in Thame, Oxfordshire, on the 24th September 2016 and WE WANT YOU TO ENTER.

As a total cake-head, I’m finding this v exciting, especially as I’m going to be helping to run the day, corralling cakes and celebrity judges, then running a super-swanky tea room with the help of Thame Belles WI.

‘What’s all this in aid of?’, I hear you ask. It’s all part of the Thame Food Festival which welcomes food lovers from far and wide, offering a unique mix of food producers, chefs and demonstrations and fantastic street food to nosh throughout the day. Never heard of us? Thame is a vibrant market town in South Oxon, within easy reach of more or less everywhere via road or rail. Oh, and it’s Thame as in lion tamer not as in Thames river.

Back to the baking.

All of the entry details are here and you can enter as many times as you want. You don’t have to be from Thame to enter. There are 12 tasty categories, covering everything from Battenberg to Gluten-free cakes to beautiful buns and tarts.

We’ve some fantastic judges lined up, including GBBO Creme de la Creme star Benoit Blin and plenty of other famous faces from the world of baking like Richard Bertinet, Will Torrent, plus Chetna Makan and Miranda Gore-Browne. There will be brilliant prizes of course… more on that soon.



A classic Victoria sponge, sandwiched with raspberry jam and dusted with caster sugar. Can yours be the best?


A bake-off can’t be a bake-off without a classic Victoria Sponge, so I’ve put together a recipe to follow if you’re tempted to enter our Victorious Sponge category. It’s going to be judged by the Women’s Institute, so you might want to follow my tips on how to cream butter and sugar to make sure yours has the perfect rise. This year we’re adding an extra layer of bake-off jeopardy and would like you to make your own raspberry jam too.

Anything else you need to know will be here at the Thame Food Festival site. There’s all sorts of info on there, including how to get to Thame and what else you can expect to see, eat and do.

Happy baking x Jane







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