When life gives you lemons (literally)…

Being a recipe writer for a living often leaves the fridge a little overloaded – and today I have 9 egg yolks at my fingertips, and a lot of citrus fruit. It would been criminal not to make a batch of lemon curd or, better still, make lemon curd to fill a gorgeous Tart au Citron. So that’s what I did. The recipe is in my new book What to Bake and How to Bake It – so I’m not allowed to reveal all its secrets. But take a look at what’s waiting for us for dessert tonight:


I love this 40s doily serving plate; just one of the many vintage kitchen trinkets that I inherited from my Nan.





















Why so many egg yolks? I’ve been making friands – little muffin-like cakes lightened with egg whites. The lemons are from testing for Christmas (even though it’s August, cookery magazines are working way ahead). If you’ve been making meringues or had a crack at angel food cake, then you’ll be in the same boat; with the yolks in any case.

No-one needs need advanced pastry skills for the pastry shell (if you’re mystified by blind baking, there are full step by step photos in the book of exactly how to blind bake and I’ll be blogging about this shortly). But, if you want to, buy a prepared pastry case and make your own filling. I won’t tell, but I can’t promise the results will be so good.

The lemon curd is easily potted into jars (keep it in the fridge) ready for baking in cakes or slathering onto your morning toast.

Just a little slice for now…

Just a little slice for now…

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